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School composition

Golden time (Fall)
Here comes the Golden autumn. From the window of visible yellowing and red leaves on the trees. On the street, even so emanates in the summer, but the bright orange colour does not forget us that it's time for autumn leaves and cool rain. And because you want to return to the atmosphere of warm days. Walking through the Park in autumn, just admiring the colors of the trees, bright yellow, orange, red leaves beckon!

Very nice in the morning when the sun comes out and lights up all the trees around. Start to admire nature, its power and beauty! Very picturesque, all breathtaking from games colors. No wonder the fall season, I love how poets and artists!! Now I know from what they draw their inspiration! This topic provides them with a rich array of colors. To paint a picture or a poem, a sweet deal in this atmosphere.

To pass by such beauty, no typing. simply impossible. The autumn season gives us lots of colors, joy and good mood! So you want to prolong those days. But, unfortunately, this period passes very quickly! A little delighting our eyes, after a few weeks, trees, shrouded in crimson leaves begin to drop their decoration. And after a few days, all the leaves fall to the ground, turning it into a Golden carpet. This is a little sad, knowing that beauty is so ephemeral.Very nice to rustle the leaves, as if you know that there are very few warm and Sunny days, and very soon will come the cold winter.

Every day the wind becomes stronger and stronger, showing us all his strength. The sky is blue and cloudless, but the air already, the atmosphere is cold, and does not forget us about the upcoming winter. Evening comes early, enveloping all of his darkness and becomes even colder. There was only the smell of autumn. You can breathe in the aromas of fresh apples and pears. The shrubs are still hanging berries, which will stock up for the winter various birds and animals.

In the sky many birds gather in flocks for the flight to warmer climes. Latest go your way the cranes! They curlykale, as if to make it clear that the winter cold is already quite close. Prior to full cold and the coming of cold winter, autumn gives us the Indian summer. And again we feel the heat, like rewind back time. 

Golden autumn never cease to amaze us with its diversity and we will be happy to wait for this wonderful period again.

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