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School composition

Girl Friday (based on the novel D. Defoe: "Robinson Crusoe")
Best friend. How important it is to have such a person at hand! What does it mean to have a best friend? This man needs to be your devotees come to the rescue at the right time, to understand your troubles and appreciate your actions. Think about it, do you have this man?

Robinson Crusoe from the novel D. Defoe was lucky to have at hand such a friend. They became faithful Negro Friday. Crusoe saved him from the cannibals gave food to the homeless. However, one should not forget that Robinson had to live for twenty-eight years up to this point. This time was very difficult. Man had to work hard to simply survive. The uninhabited island was so romantic, happy. Not having any normal fixtures for life, Robinson manages to equip the cabin to plant a small vegetable garden, to sow the grain.Also the men appeared goat, which was tamed and milked to obtain milk. In General, life began to slowly improve. But the main problem faced by Crusoe was alone. For many years he heard human speech, not seen people. And - a happy case: Robinson found cannibals who wanted to kill their own kind. But Crusoe took pity on him and saved. Now he is not alone - he is a faithful disciple. Of course, Friday had to teach all crafts, to sow the seed to harvest, to hunt, to bake bread.Now Robinson has a good hard-working assistant. Yes mate, a loyal friend. "Always friendly and helpful, he was tied to me as my own father. I'm sure if need be, would sacrifice your life for me". Friday was good to him, although the exact age to determine it was not possible.

Robinson Crusoe an incentive in life. Now he spent a lot of time for training Friday language and some science. He thought it was important to tell him about God. "Conversations with Friday to such an extent filled all my free hours and so close was our friendship that I did not notice that flew for the last three years of my probation". Now Friday is a good companion and helper.

When a Negro has learned to speak, then told Robinson that on the island of savages inhabited by white people. It was the way to salvation. "So I realized that Friday is forever devoted to me that his only desire to return home was ardent love to his countrymen and the hope that I will teach them what is good." Friday helped release the prisoners and when he came to a ship to help, he helped the victims.

It girl Friday contributed to the return Crusoe home. He was a real friend.

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