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School composition

A friend is known in trouble, is this true? Yes, perhaps you can. For each person the concept of "friendship" may be interpreted in different ways. Many of my classmates say I have a lot of friends, but I think it's wrong. The fact that a lot of them is nice, but can't all be real friends, which you will be able to open your innermost secrets, and that will come to your aid in difficult times. Each should be a single, and the rest can just be good friends with whom interesting to spend time.

For me friendship means honesty and trust. Each person must be a real good one and it should be protected, because a real relationship is impossible to buy for any money. The person with whom we are friends, we can safely judge who we are. Because we try to choose other not only on interests, but also for the soul. If we are friends with a person that needs each other to be a support and support in all matters, give advice and listen to his advice.There's a saying that friendship is tested by time, but I think this statement can sometimes be not quite right. Not always know a person's life it can mean that he is your friend, even if you really believe he can think otherwise.

Best friendship is challenged when there is some trouble and need help. It is in these moments we can find out who is the first to extend a helping hand and that person can be considered a true friend. As it turned out in my personal experience, in difficult times have helped me person I do not expect this. I believe that a true friend will never be jealous of your success, but on the contrary sincerely rejoice for you.We ourselves also should never forget about real friends, when in our life there are joyful events, as they say you have to be loyal in sorrow and in joy. Even if you have cause to have a modicum of success your friend, but if you really cherish this person, you just didn't let on. And take it for granted. Surely in your life will be joyful moments and a true friend will share them with you.

I believe friendship is the most valuable gift, which is inherently priceless. As sung in one children's song: "if a friend came in the way more fun way, without friends me slightly, and with friends a lot." I want all people who have not yet met your true friend on life met such a person. And then all the obstacles on the path of life you will overcome together is very simple.

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