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School composition

Favorite school subject (physical education)
Every person in my life can't do without schools and knowledge that she gives. It is an experience that will be useful to us later in life. And this concerns not only knowledge, but also the ability to communicate, find common language with different people, trying different classes. School gives us moments of joy and time spent with friends over interesting projects and tasks. All of this is so important to the children.

I don't understand those children who do not want to go to school. For me school is a wonderful place where there are all sorts of interesting events. Within its walls we first fall in love, learn, travel, participate in various competitions.

If to speak about school subjects, there are many items that I like. It and literature, geography, history. But the most favorite subject for me is physical education.

I love it not for the fact that this subject does not set homework, but because this lesson is always fun and productive. Here you need to run fast, jump high, learn to do push-UPS and climbing rope. That's all and like the fact that to learn nothing, and get a good mark.

Physical education teacher we have a strict and demanding but always with a sense of humor, so the lessons are easy and relaxed. He is no longer young and long retired, but his work loves. Especially pulled he our football team. Now they only take top places. Ivan woke they have team spirit and leadership qualities. For such work his love not only we, but also the whole school.

And recently we have had a major overhaul of the gym. We now have is so beautiful! All new, painted, and purchased new equipment in the gym, many sports equipment. Boys love balls, parallel bars, horizontal bars, and the girls always take skipping ropes, hoops. In our class there are girls who can beat even the boys. They are agile, fast and brave dream is also to become teachers of physical culture.

All with a cheerful noise in a hurry on this wonderful lesson, where you have time to finish, to fool around on the mats, hang on the rope to make a bridge or just run. And when our teacher comes, we immediately become model students.

I think that for all of their children the best. It is only through him we become strong, agile, confident, and at the same time acquired a beautiful and toned body. Long live the sport!

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