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School composition

Favorite fairy tale of your childhood
I'm 10 years old. I live in a big, noisy and dirty city. Name not want to talk, so as not to offend someone with this. My mum often goes on business trips and when it arrives, it tells overnight me a story. One tale, my favorite. Tom thumb. I miss her very much and when she is on business trips I'm starting to read this story from the book that me mum by the way and gave so I was not bored in her absence. And then I become not so boring and a warm feeling inside. I'm starting to think about her, remember and smile. I love her.But it certainly does not replace me, when she's around. Thanks to my mom, I love this story. It seems there is nothing special, the tale as a tale. But if it says a certain person, especially if you're very bored. You spontaneously begin making love to her.

In my life situation when I almost started to hate this story. I one evening my mother called and said she remains on a business trip for 2 months. I got pissed off. Hung up. Took it and just tore the book with this tale. A very strong resentment on my mother. The next day I hear the bell on the door going to open, look, and there stands my mom in front of him holding a book with a boy with a finger. She knows me so well, I guessed that I'll rip it. I immediately began to apologize to her, kissed her and took the book himself.And since I'm saving this book as the Apple of his eye. And mom too.

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