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School composition

Falling leaves
That came a beautiful autumn. This is a great time, which gives all the romantic mood and beautiful autumn weather. After a hot, hot summer all of nature as if transfixed, and begins to prepare for dormancy. Autumn releases the trees and bushes of foliage to gain strength in the cold season.

Every leaf of this wonderful time brings your unforgettable shade, because each color is very individual. They are swaying in the wind and breaking off create a wonderful dance of falling leaves. This is a very beautiful effect.

Even birds begin to leave our region, looking for a warm habitat and food. They fly in flocks and leave us gradually. Throw their unwanted nests, take the grown cubs, and rush into the distance beyond the horizon, in order to survive.

In the autumn season is three months, and they are all beautiful in their own way. Every month, plays an important role in nature. But for me the most memorable and beautiful month of falling leaves. This month unforgettable beauty, which gives people the takeoff sheets.

With each fallen leaf, nature turns into a beautiful carousel dance. The wind carries the leaves over the horizon, circling and soaring, falling to the ground and lifting again. Look closely – this is truly beautiful. 

There are trees that drop the leaves immediately after frost. This tree is a nut. Enjoy flying around it leaves is almost impossible. But the maple brightens up any Park or garden. He's so handsome in the autumn leaf fall. Each sheet is mesmerizing in its color scheme. I love maple leaves to create beautiful wreaths to make roses and bouquets of such a wonderful material.

And what beautiful photos out in the leaves. Many photographers love to shoot autumn. She is very sensual in her autumn panoramas and colors, shades of yellow, red, orange. Each picture conveys the second autumn fairy tale or the rise of the fallen leaves. Because all the autumnal photos full of warmth. They are nice to consider over a Cup of hot tea under a warm blanket.

Children at this time love to create a herbarium. They like to collect the most beautiful leaves and dry them. My sister likes to put them in books, and I was drying my iron. This work is quite interesting, and I want to create it only in the fall.

How many gives us the leaves. This beautiful nature, and unique flight of the yellow leaf, and warm home evening. All this would be impossible to appreciate if the seasons did not change. And so, when we presented the opportunity to experience them all, and choose the closest magic we can.

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