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School composition

Environmental protection
Protect environment!!! Nature is the beauty of our planet. Although it is not only beauty, but also our food, oxygen, minerals and more, which makes a direct use in human life. It is the state of nature and its purity in particular depends on the health of all mankind.

Most people on Earth love camping: camping in the woods, swimming in the river and other types of active and passive hanging out alone with nature. But as we know every year our environment is becoming more and more like a garbage dump. And the blame for this, sadly the human hand. Because people are destroying the trees, the plants, kill animals, even those species are endangered, for the sake of gain, of wealth. At a time when predator hunting for his food, will not kill more than quench the thirst with hunger. This is the balance.Most of us have during a vacation in the woods make a fire, and not fully extinguish it, therefore, there are fires, disturbed flora and fauna. And it becomes scary, for yourself, for the life and health of our children and future generations.

Today, all schools teach children to protect nature and atmosphere. Talking about how easy it is to spoil the balance in the environment, and how difficult and troublesome it is to recover. Many believe that you can not make it, as nature has the properties to repair itself, but it is not the correct conclusions, in fact it is very long, even in the same tree, cut down it will take a very long time, but to wait until it grows up, will have about twenty years or more. So people just have to help and benefit the world.Teach your kids even from kindergarten to love nature, to throw garbage only in designated places, not to break the branches of trees, not picking flowers in large numbers, especially those which are very few... and only in this case they learn to love the environment.

To sum up! If each of us will not harm nature, will comply with the order, no matter where, or omitted in his yard, in the woods, in the workplace, on the pond, then the world will be better and more beautiful! After all, we are the masters of their environment, and she is a vault of the sun and a full set of his treasures.

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