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School composition

Book is our friend!
How much meaning is embedded in the word "book". Throughout life people often turn to her. From books we can learn a lot of information. There are books of scientific, educational, adventurous, intelligent. Anyone can learn from them what he needs. But at the same time, books should be protected, so they last longer for our future generations.

The book is a priceless treasure, which is inherited from our ancestors. Throughout life, we turn to her sometimes for advice, sometimes for help, sometimes just to pass the time. I really like the works of Pushkin, Mayakovsky, Lermontov. They teach us to be kind, decent, intelligent, polite, good attitude to people. No wonder the works of contemporary poets and authors we study in school.

When we read the book, as if dissolved in it. We are distracted from the outside world. Sometimes books help us to cope with a particular life situation, and sometimes to see and correct their mistakes. I love to read books, they teach us to live!

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