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School composition

Beauty will save the world! (From a story by R. Bradbury "Smile")
Why our world became so cruel? What not enough people to complete happiness? What medicines we need to heal the planet from dirt and chemical waste?

On our planet was somehow uncomfortable to live. People stopped each other to understand and appreciate. Today it is difficult to find a home where there is peace and understanding - they're weight in gold. Among the peoples hatred and anger, sharpened war. Somehow, the norm is that the parents drink and abuse children, or, on the contrary, the roles are distributed. That led us to this prevailing everywhere, chaos? And most importantly, what we can do to help? And let's imagine what awaits us if we will not change anything in our current consciousness. It's not that hard, you only have to read the book R.Bradbury's "The Smile."

Before us 2061-the year in which "city — ruins, roads from bombing like a saw, up and down the fields at night glow, radioactive". Everything just dies from a terrible business person. We see not only the ruins of the city, but a bizarre turn. People stand from early morning to her. Even little Tom patiently waits for his turn. But what exactly do they want? It's all those wishing to spit in the picture! Today it symbolizes the past, which brought to humanity such devastation, the mud and the destruction of society and the natural environment.It is not necessary to keep silent about the fact that today the humanity is starving and living in deep poverty. It languishes in the cold and unsanitary conditions. People almost forgot about how they were good. Are born of a generation that never knew better times.

Standing in line to feel his heart a holiday, because they can "take revenge" picture. But it's not the picture to blame! Yes, it doesn't matter now, the important thing is there than to shift its evil. Now it's called the feast, which is so little in people's lives. They once on the same "pleasant" event "tore and burned books in the square, and everyone laughed, just drunk," and the other "lucky by casting lots, was able once to hit the car with a sledgehammer". People just vent their anger on innocent things.

There was, however, still those people who still believe in the happy outcome of events, they hope that soon there will be some kind of Savior "in whom the soul is to the beautiful" and will save them almost destroyed the world. For some reason no one wants to take responsibility for their future and start to change the world. Everyone is waiting to see what someone has to do it!

Now we find ourselves on the main square, which is guarded by four policemen. And here it is! But what is it? "The woman in the painting smiled mysteriously sad, and Tom, answering her look, felt his heart pounding, and my ears like music". If people get permission for the destruction fell upon her, "the old women chew pieces of canvas", "men tore them to shreds". Only one who "stretched out his hand, grabbed the shiny piece of canvas, jerked and fell." He ran home, clutching the piece of the picture. "The world was asleep, lit by the moon. And on his palm lay a Smile.He looked at her in the white light that fell from the midnight sky. And quietly repeated to himself, over and over, "Smile, beautiful smile..." He closed his eyes again in the darkness in front of him Smile. Gentle, kind..."

That's what I wanted us to inform the author - that beauty can save the world!

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