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School composition

Bad habits
An essay on the topic "bad habits", the 6th class

For anybody not a secret that each person has a different kind of bad habits. Where did they come from. It is considered that bad habits come from a person because of the complete lack of cultural manners. As they say, it's the wrong education, or its lack.

Bad habits is a huge variety. For adults the most dangerous bad habits are Smoking and alcohol. Besides and drugs.

Children have too many bad habits. These include such as they bite their nails, teasing the lobes of their ears, talking loudly in a public place, where is the silence. Also very bad and rude, when a person shuffles feet when walking. Data these bad habits are not only childish, but many adults have them.

All the bad habits to name a few. They were plenty. In my opinion, these bad habits can be attributed to the continued carelessness, complacency of man. Besides, there are people who have a habit of not to bring it started to end. I think it is a huge disadvantage in human behavior.

It should be noted that one bad habit, is the beginning of several more. And then, in General, a person creates complexes about his behavior, and he looks very awkward.

In my opinion, as nepechalno, each of us has bad habits. Just to analyze their behavior and find out. It's no wonder they say that everyone has flaws and nobody is perfect.

I believe that small habit it's not so bad. Just need to try harder that others did not notice them particularly.

The most terrible bad habits, in my opinion, are Smoking and alcohol. After all, Smoking kills, burns human health from within. It's a shame that people knowing all this, do not cease to smoke.

And alcohol is just scary. Okay, when Smoking people basically ruining yourself. When a person drinks, he endangers others as well. After all, the unknown, what can a drunk person. Very bad and sad for the baby when drinking his parents. I think worse than this and there is nothing when the parents put the vodka in the first place, rather than children.

People should try to deal with their addictions. Especially with such as alcohol and Smoking.

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