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School composition

As previously held folk holidays and festivals
Essay for class 6 in any subject. "As previously held folk holidays and celebrations".

As soon as summer comes, my parents definitely transported me to my grandmother in the village. After all, there is calm, quiet and fun - not something in the city. I like warm summer days to relax from the urban bustle in the village, which is also located on the banks of the picturesque river. But no matter how good and comfortable it was not in silence and nature, family holidays, I still like to spend in the family circle – with the close people. In winter, the village is boring, and the New year is all basically sit at home and prepare a festive feast.And today's village is not what it was before, it is noticeably empty, and live in it mostly old people. But my grandmother says that it was not always so.

Early life in the village was much more fun, people appreciated every holiday and celebrated on a large scale. Earlier people were more religious according to this, the main and most major holidays coincided with the Church. In modern humans the biggest festival is the New year, while the early New year, it falls on the post, which was met quite modest. While Christmas has organized large mass celebrations that lasted several days. This wonderful time was called Yule.

In those days people wore the most elegant clothes. The celebration always began with a Church service, after which people went home and sat at the big holiday table. On the streets these days was always a beautiful fair where you could buy a variety of treats. Many believed such celebrations are a great opportunity to show themselves and for others to see.

Particularly important were national holidays for young people. Be sure to take part in the festivities had not married girls and unmarried guys. Youth and children had fun and skated with ice slides, played various games and dances. At Christmas time the tradition of all girls were wondering, in order to know anything about your husband. But the boys participated in various competitions where I had to show all his strength and agility. All these celebrations let the young better look at each other, relax and have a good laugh.

At the end of winter, all people with great joy celebrated the carnival. This holiday meant the end of winter and the arrival of the new labour years, because the speed was supposed to start field work. Compulsory was considered at Shrovetide - the burning of effigies, as well as various fun festivities.

But for the carnival, there came a Great post, which ended the great religious holiday – Easter. It was a very solemn and festive day for the whole week sounded the Church bells and people baked festive cakes, rested and visited.

Before the people rested very differently, and their celebration was much more fun than modern holidays.

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