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School composition

As long as everything was hush-hush? (article in newspaper)
Could it be that the blame for the wrongdoing people go unpunished? Alas, but Yes. In life often found this injustice. So the world is put together: not caught - not a thief. Of course it often happens that some circumstances or witnesses of the events can help to reveal the offense. But it's better when the culprit admits. Only here the spirit is not enough for everyone.

In my class there was one very unpleasant event that has placed a mark on all students. Before the end of the semester, when many points have been raised, someone stole our cool magazine. That was a real shock! This is especially prevented many honors that all these months was a good student and received a score of "automatic". You can imagine - it was necessary to remember all passed within this half year. In General it was well, very difficult.Teaching staff was also shocked, because now I needed to double-check so much that takes a huge amount of time. In short, it was decided to write the basic amount of the control in all subjects. It was a terrible gift. But who of all this? Who decided to make this a bad surprise for all of their classmates? Of course we tried it out. Hard to believe at first that this thief has the guts to admit it. But no. Then we hoped that he will have enough sense though to throw the magazine to all do not have to write as much of the test works.But where there! The conscience of this man is entirely absent and with all this hurt all of us.

In short, we all had it tough. All the test papers have been rewritten, the scores are assigned. Not everything went as it should - some of the work came not so successful and now some students spoiled the certificate. Well, in General, is a bad event, it was forgotten and perialas. But in two weeks our magazine suddenly appeared in the fountain in the front yard. All were in shock - now can not change anything there. The log is now we don't need. It was a shame! So much work was thrown in vain.And most importantly, why not do it sooner - before we exposed the certification! This is not justice.

Now I'd love to know who was to blame for the incident. Nobody admitted. The case remained unsolved. Since we could not trust each other in the class. Now it so happened that the case remained hush-hush to this day.

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