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School composition

As I usually do lessons
Usually the lessons I do in the evening, because very lazy to write them, as I love to walk at this time. Probably my favorite thing on the lessons this exercise. You can do it on the street and at home. Yes... Very much I'm not interested in mathematics and Russian language. My most boring lessons, it's society and history. On these subjects I always get the inverted five. This essay I'm writing for myself. And that's how it goes...

I come home tired and dull. Greets me with my favorite cat, feed her and go to look out the window with the question "Who walks there now?" Seeing your friends, drop the briefcase and run like mad to play with them in the classics, while mom not home. I love my friends, because they are the best and most fun. We play games, laugh... And now tonight. Mom comes home from work. And I still haven't done my homework, losing my time with children from another yard. By the look on my mom's already clear what's going to happen.I ran home faster so she wasn't arguing, with the words "I teach lessons." The kids looked at me and said, "So you haven't made it?" I just flew past them and turning, fearing that the mother will swear.

I walked into the apartment and picked up his briefcase, which was thrown on the floor. Got a diary and started to do homework. Oooo!.. Math... How I hate you (I murmured). The room comes mom, and said that I immediately did homework! I was still lazy, and at lunch, because the lessons are so boring... I listened to mom and started doing the math.. it was not clear and confusing... I say to myself "And blamed me Vasya Smirnov". He probably knows how to do these tasks. I went to the Russian language. And think about how to spell the word "Furious" after A or O?Mom just shook her head and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. So I threw and Russian language, you will think that Anna Malinina would let me write off. Society and history even to do not. Well like everything, I did everything! And went to eat delicious cakes. I fell asleep.

He came to school, I got two deuces. I was very ashamed that I have not done these lessons. Here's my advice! Do your homework well and don't always hang out till late, because what you children are playing, they probably already did my homework. And no need for the streets to get two!

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