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School composition

As I once helped my grandmother
Essay on "How I once helped my grandmother", 6-th class

In the summer parents sent me to rest in village to the grandmother. There is wonderful nature and a pond where you can catch a big fish. I made friends with the local boys and every year we are with them, having a great time in games and other entertainment. And next to the village there is a forest. There you can walk to pick berries and mushrooms. The forest is big and if you go there alone, it gets scary.

My grandmother though already old, but keeps the farm. She had a large kitchen garden with vegetable beds and a magnificent orchard. So she's always on the table all fresh and not from a store. It's hard for her to cope with the work and I try to help her around the house. The first thing I'll sweep floors and wash dishes. At this time grandma puts the dough for a future pie. She knows that I love them very much. Then I go to the garden and ditch the cherries for the filling of the pie. Sometimes the boys go into the woods and I bring a strong and fragrant mushrooms. They are also great for pies.At other times I help grandmother to weed the garden and feed the livestock. That to me is not difficult. Grandmother glad this assistant and spoils me with treats. All this is a good time lasted until...

Once happened to me such nonsense. As always, grandma in the morning went to his garden weeding the beds and asked me to feed all my animals. As I already said, the farm was big, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I went to the shed, opened it and put the porridge to hungry piggies. I didn't wait when they will eat everything and ran to give grain to the chickens. I forgot in the haste to cover the barn door. Appetite and chickens pecked their food, and I was glad that we quickly coped with the task. The boys appointed me to a meeting by the river, where we were supposed to go fishing.Rod was waiting for me at the gate.

Suddenly behind me I heard a rumbling and a heavy breath. I was so scared that he threw under feet to the bucket of grain. Chickens too became alarmed and began to cackle loudly. All this commotion gave the pig Masha. She bolted from the barn and is now happy to eat chicken feed. What happened! Chickens from fright began to fly around the coop, and the rooster flew to the pig and began to peck. She began with the whole Sochi to scream and knocked me down. The noise came grandmother and almost fainted. Everything was in the pens and in the feed, water spilled, and I'm lying in a pile of manure.

I once helped my grandmother. Now I'm never in a hurry and do everything slowly and gently.

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