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School composition

Always the teacher right?
Can we say that teachers are always right? They're also just regular people and they make mistakes. Of course, many people firmly believe that only they can do the wrong steps. And the teacher - you that, he has an education! But that's only in the world everything is not so rosy. We are all people, just everyone has a tendency to a profession. Alas, doctors and teachers can be wrong. It is a fact.

I want to tell you a story from my life. It was like this. Our huge class studied in high school with profound studying of English language. Of course it could be divided into subgroups on the lessons for more effective learning. The first year we got a young and kind teacher who allowed us to retake the bad points. It is acceptable compelling reasons for not learned homework and allowed it to pass on to the next lesson. But those who boldly halyavnichali, it is to descent did not give. In General, the academic year we finished with very good results and knowledge.Everybody who had the slightest desire to learn English, have received knowledge and motivation for future development.

But the following year we were again reshuffled within sub-groups. Now I'm with my friends I get to another teacher. She was scared shitless. She held the position of head teacher of the school and had a great experience and teaching experience. But not that scared all of her students. She always looked very strictly. The view alone already made us fear. And here are our first lessons. Fear my knees are weak, I can't form a coherent word, although homework learnt by heart. In General, all of our have managed to show their worst side.But it happened not because we didn't learn anything, but on elemental fear. The teacher didn't even try to understand us - it just seemed that we are lazy and untalented. But this is not so! We can try to show your skills. In the past year we have went to great points, but how is it now suddenly we're complete dunces? Each student inside tried to fight with himself, with feelings and nerves. First thought - adaptation, and this all soon will pass. But a month later, the second and nothing changed. Many rolled in the study.Then the parents of some of the disciples began to understand this problem. It was clear on the face. Began to ask the Director for a transfer of one after the other in a subgroup from the teacher. Someone said it was OK and they were happier to go to school and began to learn.

What was it? Was right the first or second teacher? I think each in their own way. Just someone managed to find an approach to us, and some don't.

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