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School composition

Aliens in the Russian language classroom (fantasy)
In a far-away space in one of the animated planets is a very interesting town. There are not tall green skinned aliens. They showed themselves as a very industrious and orderly inhabitants. Their planet was able to communicate with them and help them to fix the problem in the ecosystem. This is why this corner of the galaxy was the most beautiful and healthy.

One day, our aliens caught a strange signal, which were not very distant from them system. Deciphering it, they realize that someone needs help. The decision about the departure not caused about yourself to wait long. The flight was quite quick, after all, our aliens have long been able to use hyperprime that allowed you to travel anywhere in the Universe, even just for a walk. From where did this signal? As it turned out closer to the course, this blue planet in the Solar system the Earth. What could happen? The signal became clearer and stronger.It was Russia, city of Moscow, school number ten. The surprise of the strangers knew no bounds - where is the school? Come on, we need to understand. Enabling stealth mode, they began to wander the corridors in search of victims. And now - the signal goes from the Cabinet of the Russian language. They opened the door and what he saw stunned to unconsciousness. In the class there was a boy. He was small in stature and learned somewhere in high school. In his hand was a pen. Boy something very carefully painting the portraits hanging on the wall. What is he doing?!Is long-established on the planet, the sensor recorded the violation, and call for help.

As it turned out, the student decided to test their artistic abilities by drawing mustaches and beards on portraits such as he did not seem to need Russian writers. He wanted a funny joke, taking advantage of the absence of the teacher in the classroom. It seemed to him very funny it's simple enough matter. Then the aliens decided to rectify the situation. They suddenly turned visible mode and it seemed to the student. He is incredibly scared. But this did not prevent him suddenly find themselves in ancient Russia. Alien residents step-by-step showed him how much benefit all those they insulted the writers.Then they all moved to their home planet. The aliens showed the boy how responsible they are to their culture and history.

On Earth it took all of a couple of minutes, but the journey seemed very long. In a moment they were all together again was transferred to the class of the Russian language. Now it is already a disciple will never allow myself to mock the portraits of great people. He carefully wiped his own art some special eraser, which he gave guests. Sensor stopped putting out a signal for help and the alien population with a clear conscience went home.

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