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School composition

Album for stamps
All children love gifts, and I are no exception. Parents are very love me, but because I try to give everything that should be in the child. I like my birthday because I get a lot of surprises and yesterday was no exception.

On the eve of his birthday I received a gift package, or rather mom, I'm still a minor. She was wrapped in vintage paper and boxes was a small size. I became very interested - never in my life have I received such surprises. I with trembling hands began to tear the paper, quickly opened the box and froze in her lay album. He was very old, so old that I was surprised. Well, who would want to do such a gift? At that time I did not appreciate it, and threw the album in the drawer.

When the guests gathered, my mother started to congratulate me, and told a wonderful story. When she was little, my grandmother told her. It turns out that my grandfather was a collector. He loved collecting stamps. What stamps he had. Mom says once he even attempted to pick up a precious album. It costs a lot of money. At that time grandfather was able to defend themselves and their treasure.

Today not many know and understand a lot about philately, but for true connoisseurs of each stamp in the collection is a masterpiece, a masterpiece that is absolutely unmatched. Today people have other interests - computers, Internet, phones. No one notice the beauty in becoming the owner of such a collection, like stamps. And I'm including didn't understand it. But when mom said that grandpa collected stamps around the world, wrote letters to the same people as he is to only one image to change to another.I said that there is nothing interesting, but then my mom looked at me and said that soon I'll understand everything. When my grandfather was in sorrow, and he was ill badly, he needed an expensive operation abroad. You will not believe, but precisely those people with whom his grandfather became friends, the same stamp as him, helped him recover. They collected money around the world, and my grandfather recovered.

At the moment I realized that the album that gave me, this is the treasure, which gave his grandfather a life. To date, the album is my pride, and I began to collect stamps. The story about the grandfather I tell all my friends and they listen to it with pleasure. Stamp album - a thing interesting, and even informative. I was very lucky that I caught this one in time.

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