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School composition

A day in the life of mom
Essay for grade 6 on the theme "a Day in the life of mom"

The beginning of the day my mom starts from six o'clock in the morning. The thing is that dad needs to leave for work in the early in the morning and she cooks him a hot Breakfast. Then it's my turn. Affectionate words quickly awaken and prepare for the upcoming trip to school. I have some time still lying in my bed and squint away from the light of the sun. Mom carefully parted the curtains and a sunbeam tickling my cheeks.

Time to get up. Mom already has and now dad banging dishes in the kitchen - it's my turn to have Breakfast. Warm tap water is refreshing and leads to a full feeling. Dress up and go to the dining room. While I eat, we are discussing with my favorite mommy tasks you need to do during the day and a relaxing evening. Then she sits near me at the table and eats. The kitchen has perfect order and all this for some floor hours. We leave the apartment we were together. To school me on the doorstep, so mom kisses me hard, and leaves one in a hurry to the bus stop.

My mother is a very responsible job - it replaces the chief accountant at the firm. This job requires her concentration, focus and responsibility. So she goes for another refresher courses and engaged in more self-education. Mom really likes the service and says about her: "round and round there like a squirrel in a wheel". This is the real truth - Mama often detained in the office for urgent matters. She is forced to take the completed reports and urgent cases.So it all always fine - people get their wages on time or even earlier, and the debts of the firm are not listed at all. It's all thanks to my worker, businesslike and always aware of all events.

As if our mother was not tired and was not loaded with work, but in the evening dad and always will find a delicious and hot meal right from the stove. We are a family going in the morning and excitedly sharing the events of the day, laugh at jokes, exchange ideas and discuss the upcoming evening. These moments with family are always encouraging me. I look forward to the universal gathering and preparing to contribute to this lovely late afternoon time.

Tired of school and games, I used to go to bed. Through slumber still hear the quiet voices of father and then my mother's good night kiss really immerses me in a sweet veil of sleep. So comes to the end of our mom and day. Gradually the light in the apartment is extinguished and only the lonely light said that my mom is still awake.

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