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School composition

Winter holidays
My favorite time of the year - winter. The whole world is shrouded in a white coat, the Windows are a variety of patterns, as if a talented artist had painted all night. The roofs of the houses and trees strewn with fluffy snow. When you go outside and walk down the snowy paths, you seem to have fallen into a winter Wonderland. 

A quarter of school ended and the fun begins...

The long-awaited time has come!

From the beginning of the holidays, me and my brother Sergey is going to your favorite grandparents. They live in a large two-story house, not far from the river. As there it is beautiful! Near the house the woods. The river sleeps the sweet sleep, she is shackled in thick ice. 

My grandpa loves ice fishing. And we very often go to the river to lunch to catch fish. Returning from fishing, I proudly box on the table all of our catch a lot of perch, pike and even a big predator – the pike. For lunch grandma treats us to the most delicious fish soup.

Still, there comes a morning, as has neighboring boys our names on the street. Winter games a huge amount. We are making snowmen, playing snowballs, sledding with slides. And we go to the forest and ski, look at the magical and fascinating landscape. After a day of adventures grandma watered us with tea and delicious cakes feeds. And in the evening we have the whole family sit near the fireplace and remember about the past.

So comes the New year. In the morning in the house of turmoil. Out of town visit my parents, and starts preparing for the holiday. Men set the tree, and I with her brother decorate it. We have many beautiful balls, garlands and a big red star. Serge always draws beautiful pictures and patterns on the Windows. Towards evening the mother and grandmother decorate the holiday table. Everyone dresses up and at midnight, when it chimes the chimes of twelve o'clock, we congratulate each other and give gifts. Our family is the most cheerful and friendly.

After the holidays we go to his home. But the fun doesn't end there. We're going to the Mall. I love to play bowling and to shoot at a target, once even won a large Teddy bear. Little brother riding on cars. Ends our vacation going to the cinema. Dad buys the popcorn and we watch a cartoon or family film.

That's how I spend my holidays. All the fun is over and need to return to their school duties.

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