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School composition

Why you need to learn?
Us the teacher at a lesson, said, "Children, what do we get out?". I pondered over this question. And really, why to learn, every morning to get up early and go to school, sit in class, and in the evening to do homework. After all this time can be spent with friends, play games on the computer, run around the yard, laughing and having fun. But then I paid attention to their parents. They are in order to buy food and clothes every day I go to work and get paid. In order to get a job you need to finish University or College.And to go to school and get a profession need to do well in school.

Every day we communicate with other people and for them to understand us, we need to Express our emotions in words. We corresponded with letters and messages. For this you need to write correctly and without errors. In addition, you must correctly place punctuation marks to convey our thoughts to the interlocutor correctly. In order to obtain the necessary information, you need to read a book or newspaper, and for that you need to learn all the letters and learn to read.And I noticed that before you go to the store, mom writes a list of products and their cost, then adds the cost of food and finds out how much of the money you need to bring to all enough. It needs to be able to count. Even to cut the cake for the number of guests need to correctly count and measure. Even to be able to travel to different countries to teach a foreign language. If a person knows English, then he will understand, in any country, because this international language. And will not have to pay the translator.In addition we are surrounded by a lot of modern technology. Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, food processor, microwave and other equipment operate automatically. But in order to for example prepare a dish, you need to set the mode. To learn how to set the mode it will be necessary to read the first instruction. If the person is not able to read, he will never understand modern technology.

Studying is hard and difficult, but necessary. An intelligent man who knows how to read, write and count, it will be easy to get a profession, get a good job and earn money. With the money you can build a house, buy a car and go to rest. 

It all starts with education!

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