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School composition

Why would I need a dog
Animals are the best and most loyal friends of man. But today people don't really appreciate it, and in different situations to Pets are different. One of my friend has a dog. Her name is Laika. He says that when evil or nothing to do, he always teases her and sometimes may even hurt. Anton told me that once, when he and his parents went to rest, then left the husky alone at home without food and without water for three days. As soon as I think about it, I'm getting scared. And my darling tells all, even with a smile on her face.

If I had a dog, I would treat her very differently. The dog - man's best friend, this creature, which never will betray and will not offend his master. Along with his dog, I would spend all of my free time - go outside, play ball. I love German shepherds, and someday, I will afford to get a dog that is a breed.

Shepherds are very handsome, kind to nice people, beautiful. They can easily be taught different commands, because the reason shepherd even star in different movies with these animals work easier.

If I were shepherd, I would do everything to ensure that her life was the best and most interesting. I can definitely say that your pet I would never hurt. Well, is it possible to do it with friends? I was very attracted by the opportunity of someone to take care of. Mom says I'm not Mature enough to such independence, but along with her, yet imaginary friend, we have proved her wrong. I want to feel responsible for the animal that I will love sincerely and honestly.

Among other things, I think I will become a good trainer for your dog. I read already a few books, my dog needs to be smart. In the end, she and the dog to be able to execute commands. After all, well trained animals then go to exhibitions and various competitions. Will be great when my dog is the most honorable prize! 

Every morning and evening I dream to withdraw his collie for a walk. I think most of all we let her frolic in the winter to ride in the snow and frolic a lot of fun.

I really want a dog and have not once hinted about it to parents, but the dream remains a dream, but I believe that when you're older, I will definitely give four-legged friend. I will make for this purpose all efforts and efforts. My best friend certainly already waiting for its owner!

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