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School composition

Why we need to care for the environment? (composition-reasoning)
As shown by years of practice, people are not accustomed to, and do not want to care about the environment. Man, unfortunately, have little interest in what he leaves behind. You can go to any forest and see how who are vacationing for the weekend. Mountains of garbage, dried grass from the fire, and more. But the same polyethylene, or glass, biodegradable, many hundreds of years, causing her harm. But that's not so bad. Rubbish, you can simply remove. Much more dangerous, poorly extinguished campfire.In windy weather, it can flare up and for a few hours, to destroy dozens of hectares of forest that will be restored the same for decades. But, everyone knows that forest is the "lungs" of the planet. The tree produces oxygen, without which, there cannot be no life on earth, including people.

But the most terrible to nature, is an active human activities. This is especially true of industry. The emission of toxic substances into the atmosphere, draining the unfiltered waste production – all this disturbs the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. And this is the first reason of ill health.

What you need to be on guard to protect nature? In the first place – for human health and future generations. A simple trivial example. A dead animal that died in the house, or elsewhere, must be buried in the ground. Even our ancient ancestors said that "the body needs to betray earth." First and foremost, it is a fertiliser, and secondly – health. Decaying body gives off a very dangerous gas is hydrogen sulphide which, in just the short period can cause a terrible and incurable disease – leukemia. Save on it almost impossible.

Another example, which particularly occurs in rural areas. This is a banal waste incineration. Leaves, wood, and other waste. The products of combustion, is extremely detrimental not only to human health but also on the whole environment. One only benzapilene and carbon monoxide, are worth. They cause cancer, primarily of the respiratory tract.

And now remember what a horrible disaster befell mankind 30 years ago – an Explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. For many decades, people will experience the horrible consequences that brought the explosion. And how many are no longer among us those who, not sparing their health and life, fearlessly rushing to eliminate this element?

Why should start caring about the environment? First and foremost, you must start with yourself. You need to use the human factor, in the first place, show, thereby, an example to others. Not worth it just to throw garbage in places that are not designed for this. Otherwise, our planet can turn into a big garbage can, which will lead to the extinction of all life, and further into the desert. If we all do so that we will leave to future generations?

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