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School composition

Why I love my school?
School is an important stage in the life of every person. To school we go to learn, to acquire new knowledge, make new friends, to improve in everything and to prepare for the transition to adulthood.

Our school is very good. It is new and modern. Although it was built and opened recently, it already became very famous in our area and the city. It is situated in a good area where a lot of parks and gardens, and all surrounded by greenery. At the school planted a lot of flowers by the students of our school. In our school lots of good teachers that we all appreciate, love and respect, because they spend a lot of time with us and give us new, useful knowledge.

My favorite teacher is our teacher in singing, Antonina Nikolaevna. She has a very beautiful voice and she works so hard with us. Teachers in other subjects need to have very much because the curriculum is very challenging, and when I go to singing lessons to Antonina Nikolaevna, I rest. Antonina Nikolaevna has created in our school, Amateur children's choir, which many students in our class go there. I also love to attend the school choir. There we learn different songs and already two times went to speak to other schools.Last year the children's choir of our school won the district competition and took first place. Our school was awarded and we wrote in our local newspaper. And this year we acted for the first time on the big stage, at the Bottom of the city. Our children's choir under the leadership of Antonina Nikolaevna very good and we always get prizes and gifts.

We have in the school a very strong sports section on judo. I did not visit, as it is not love sports, but our wrestlers also always praised. They also often participate in various competitions and often receive prizes.

Our school is very bright, cozy and spacious, it has a lot of new, well-equipped classes. The best in our school are classrooms for literature and chemistry. They like our teachers to conduct open lessons, when our school comes a lot of guests from other schools. Open days we hold every year. Our school is one of the most favorite holidays.

In our school we try to do everything with their own hands, and the teachers help us in this. And we try to help teachers. We care for the school grounds, help in our school canteen cooks to cover lunch and clean up dirty dishes. Every week in our school canteen duty some class.

We also have a day care where we are after the basic lessons remain to do homework for tomorrow. Sometimes we pass a new complex topic and got detention all carry some difficult homework. A teacher who conducts after-school programs helps us to do this. 

Sometimes with the class and our class teacher we go to the cinema, Museum or theatre. For example, last week we went to the cinema and watched the movie "beauty and the beast", and then at school the lesson of the Russian language, we wrote an essay the relevant topic. Sometimes during the holidays, our school organizes trips to other cities or interesting places where we enjoy travelling. We always look forward to a long-awaited vacation, to somewhere to go. 

Overall, life in our school, vigorous and interesting. I like to study at our school, to please their parents their achievements, Yes achievements and go with a good knowledge from class to class.

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