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School composition

What I want to be when you grow up (doctor)
My name is Alina, and my mom Marina. We live in a small urban-type settlement. With us there lives the grandmother Nina. We are a very friendly family and one by one go into the fire and into the water. One evening, sitting at the table and discussing our progress done for the day my grandma pulled a strange face and said come out for a second. I didn't realize this, but after 20 minutes, it still was not and was not at the table, I got concerned and decided to check out do not know what happened.

And unfortunately I was right. Coming out of the kitchen, I saw lying on the floor of my grandmother, she was unconscious and in the hands were the tablets of the heart, which she apparently didn't drink. In a panic I didn't know what to do, I was only only 12 years old. I loudly shouted, hearing my screaming mother ran from the kitchen and almost fainted seeing my grandmother on the floor. She soon ran to the phone and started to call an ambulance. Due to the fact that we live far from the city, we have in the village a bad connection and to call the ambulance, we were able after 10-15 minutes. While driving the ambulance I could not find a place.Grandmother we moved to the sofa and tried to revive. But we have, and it worked. From the nearest hospital to our house to go in about 20 minutes. But in the end it's been an hour, I was shocked and cried all the time. Finally the paramedics arrived, but it was too late.

Because not the responsibility of the ambulance staff my grandmother left us. I'm a long, long time could not recover. About mom, I generally keep quiet. And from then on I decided to become a doctor. And never, ever behave like them. I decided to give all of myself to the salvation of others and will do it conscientiously.

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