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School composition

What I love about spring
What I love about spring? Don't even know how to answer this question. Probably because the spring is wonderful time of the year. She is beautiful. For me spring is always the beginning of something bright and new. These days I love to watch as it comes to life and transforms the nature from the winter sleep, as every day, all the heat being warmed by the sun and returned from warm birds. I really like to listen to the murmur of melt water in the river, which is located behind our house. Spring has many beauties, and list them all is simply impossible.

Because I every day in the spring are in school, we often watch nature out the window. Sometimes even for it two get. The teacher says that often catch the Raven. But I can't and don't know any other way. I think I might miss something, no time to see how the bloom leaves on the trees and flowers appear.

Wakes up in spring not only nature, but people become ka something nicer, or something. Sometimes going to school, looking at passers-by, and I think that they all have their own life, which is also filled with light and warmth with the arrival of spring. They are going to meet me with that sweet smile - people welcome the arrival of spring, and their life becomes better. And it seems that it will become something new and wonderful.

In school we learned poems by different poets. They are with great love and affection describe the arrival of spring in his native region. And they do it quite realistic. In the spring I love to go to the forest with their parents. Every year we collect snowdrops and Scilla. Mom takes a big thermos of tea, and we live in the woods and drink hot tea. Picking flowers is my favorite thing. They breathe life, and their spring fragrance filled with only pleasant moments.

Every month of spring beautiful in its own way. I think everyone has a favorite month. I love may. In may, nature has transformed completely, and this month brings me smoothly to the summer vacation. And yet, in the month of may is a great holiday - the Victory Day. When I was little, grandpa told me many stories about the war, why I always cry on this day. I'm sorry that on this day during the war killed a lot of people.

I also love spring rain. It is already becoming warm and pleasant. After the rain nature becomes even more lively and beautiful. In these moments very quickly in the beds to germinate seeds and emerge on the trees, the flowers.

Love spring as I do. This is the best time of the year.

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