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School composition

Vasya path to truth and goodness (based on the novel by Vladimir Korolenko "In bad company")
Essay for class 5 on the theme "the Way washi to truth and goodness" (the novel by Vladimir Korolenko "In bad company")

It helps us in childhood to understand what actions can be considered good and what's bad. That's been my experience that most often, we start to understand this it is by practical knowledge, that is, as they say, "the hard way". Somehow simple tips adults do not bring such results.

V. G. Korolenko decided to depict one such case in his book "In bad company". His main character is a boy named Bob. In his example, we can contemplate how extraordinary circumstances can change circumstances and lead to the formation of new traits. The boy falls into bad company, which helps him to sort out his own preferences.

Bob soon left without a mother, father, absorbed in his grief, couldn't let go of the event and continuing to suffer, I forgot that he grows a little son. He stopped paying attention to it and gave the boy himself. The child, who also suffered from this irreplaceable loss, I began to seek solace and understanding in the street. It was the beginning of self-realization and understanding which way he wants to go through life. Soon Bob started to attract bad reputation. He was considered a lost child, a lost man to walk on the path of robbery and hooliganism.This contributed to the fact that the old nurse had forbidden him to spend time with his sister Sonya, whom he loved very much and that was the only link connecting him with the past a happy world. Now the boy was left entirely alone and bereft of family. His only consolation now was the street. Adults themselves did not understand what the cause of this behavior they were immersed in their own experiences and forgetting about the main responsibilities towards children.

All these circumstances fully contributed to the fact that the boy was bad. Because now his life is not anything good he could ever join the dark side and, not seeing anything clean and bright, he can just forget that it exists. But by happy coincidence, the boy met Tiburcio and his children, Valya and Mary. They were able to contribute to the formation of the character of the boy. The family was poor, the food produced often theft. But they had something that was missing from the Bob - love.They helped the child to remember what is love and what is most important in life is it.

This beautiful story reveals to us is a typical circumstances that can change people from the inside. But still, if you live in the light, you can always be on the path of goodness.

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