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School composition

Ukraine - it's me
Ukraine is the word with a capital letter. Ukraine is the land where I was born and live is the land of my grandfathers, who were seeking freedom and a better life. We live in the best country in the world - Ukraine. It's a free and United country. Blue sea reduce field, we've got it all - in the Ukraine!

Here live the people I love. Here is my family, the graves of my loved ones. Ukraine - my homeland. And I love it, the bad and the beautiful, impoverished or rich.

I never cease to admire the nature which is in Ukraine. Large and domineering mountains in the Carpathian mountains, wide fields and forests, and the sea which washes our shores. What exactly in Ukraine the blue sky - it seems it is possible to drown - dissolved. And eared wheat fields - it is generally indescribable beauty. It is with this same charm, and was born the flag of our country - the blue of clear skies and yellow wheat fields.

These landscapes are the native and respected by all of us. Even in the big cities of Ukraine, where there seems to be some high-rise buildings and roads, there is an excellent little corner of nature. For example, the Dnieper river is the biggest river in Ukraine, and flows in many localities. The embankments which overlooks the river the most beautiful and delightful.

How much do we have minutes. Not one day should be held in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev that would go around and see the beauty of the city. Where it is possible to visit: Independence square, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Botanical garden, Hydropark, at ENEA, and even a funicular. Admire St. Sophia Cathedral, founded by Yaroslav the Wise, walk through the Mariinsky Park, where the residence of the President of Ukraine Mariyinsky Palace, and nearby is the Parliament building.And that's just one city and such beauty, monuments, cathedrals and parks can be seen in many localities.

We go to foreign countries looking for beautiful surroundings, but what surrounds us do not even notice. And one has only a moment to look back and realize that Ukraine is a great country with great prospects and opportunities need to support her in this difficult period and we will be more proud of our homeland.

Ukraine is me and everything that surrounds me. I love her for who she is - because we are one indivisible homeland of the other I do not!

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