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School composition

Trip to WWII Museum
On the eve of the great feast of the ninth of may, our leader arranged us a tour to the Museum of the great Patriotic war. It is located in another city, the more interesting will come of our trip. May the eighth meeting of the whole class we went. The road was long distance, so the Director told us a lot about the war years. His grandfather took part in the hostilities. According to his story, we realized that during the war he received several wounds and was captured. During the war he was a young guy with a zeal to ask for the front.As soldiers was not enough, he was sent to serve in intelligence. As for me, the scout performs a special mission. Produces very important information, passing it to the Soviet headquarters. Over stories of our head we did not notice that already were in place.

After a few minutes we were on the verge of the great Patriotic war Museum. Going inside, we felt the atmosphere inside. Everything was very gloomy, for the walls were ragged, old photos and scraps of letters written by soldiers to their relatives. In every line one could feel the hope and faith back from the front alive. But unfortunately not every Soviet soldier was awarded the opportunity. Passing through the corridor, we saw a stand with premium signs and medals.We were told that these medals to the Museum handed over the relatives of the victims, hoping to preserve the memory of the war and carry it on for many generations. A little further was presented to the military paraphernalia: jars, weapons, helmets and bullets. Looking at all this, as if moved during the war years. My heart became so sad, knowing that many owners of these things never made it back home alive. Throughout the time we were in the Museum with us was a young female tour guide. It is not just a job.Not visible to the naked eye, as it is experiencing the emotions that gets after his story.

We returned home with sad faces. Every about something silent. After this trip we realized the heroism of the Soviet soldier. After all, they gave us the peaceful sky over the head.

Back in our city we went to the eternal flame. There was the laying of flowers to the fallen soldiers. Came to the eternal flame, we bowed to the fallen soldiers, because each of us understands their contributions to our country. And flowers were presented to living veterans. Thanked them for and wished them good health.

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