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School composition

Trip to the Dolphinarium
Next week summer vacation starts. Each of us dreamed about it, because everyone knows that the first day of our vacation we with the class teacher will go to Odessa. We are waiting for a fascinating excursion to the Dolphinarium and walk around the city. We had pre-booked train tickets and a hotel room in which we live. Things were all assembled and just waiting for when we'll wean the last lesson. And finally the day has come. We said goodbye to the school Desk, and with a smile on my face went home, knowing that tomorrow begins our adventure.

It was the morning and my parents went to the train station. There we were waiting for the class teacher and a lot of guys from my class. All eyes were burning from the understanding that we will now bid farewell to his family and hit the road to your dream. After 15 minutes of submitted for boarding our train. Arm in arm with their parents and listened to the sea of advice, we went to the train. After a few minutes we moved on, and only our family did not leave until the train will be hidden from the eyes.

In Odessa, we arrived late in the night. The station was burning like a tree on Christmas night. Despite the fact that it was three in the morning, was very crowded. After looking around, our homeroom teacher found our driver who will take us to the hotel. On arrival we laid out my stuff and went to bed with the thought of the forthcoming day.

The morning came. We had Breakfast and went in delphinarium. He was not far from our apartment, so we decided to walk, so to speak to get acquainted with sea town. After 30 min of walk we were on. Bought the tickets and waited for the beginning of the show. First, we went to the Dolphin trainer, and then were themselves his disciples. The show started. The dolphins without any of the work began to perform a variety of tricks - simultaneously emerged from the water, jumped into the ring, rolled back his coach. All this spectacle was breathtaking.But I conquered that Dolphin taking a brush could make a few strokes on the canvas. It was a real picture. After the speech we were allowed to approach the dolphins and take some pictures. We also asked the coach how he manages to cope with such marine animals. And he was smiling we were told that the Dolphin is his best friend.

I can say with confidence that we have not yet experienced such emotions. The mood was good and we with his class went for a walk around the city. We still waited a whole week off and a sea of positive emotions!

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