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School composition

Trip for mushrooms
Every summer, we spend all free time at his dacha. It is situated on the Oskol reservoir. It is very beautiful, the nature is just fabulous. The tall pines that stretch to the blue sky, the earth with its carpet of needles, and most importantly, two steps of a large pond. A pleasure to paddle there in the summer heat.

Therefore, the question of the selection of woods that we go for mushrooms was dropped by itself. With the arrival of autumn on the street is much colder, there were heavy rains. But I am even happy because I knew that next weekend we will go to the country to gather mushrooms.

Finally came the long-awaited Saturday and we after some long training camps went into the woods. To go to our cottage about two and a half hours, but I can tell you honestly that it is worth it. Our house is in the forest, so being there, you feel a real forest dwellers.

We left early in the morning, and at 9 o'clock all already were in place. There we waited for a cozy cottage in which to rest after a tiring road. But each of us wanted to hurry to change clothes, put on rubber boots and go into the woods with baskets in hand. Our family loves to wander through the forest, hoping to gather up a variety of mushrooms.

Lay your things out, we went into the woods. In the woods stood a special flavor of autumn, felt the cool air walking among the branches of trees. Birch trees covered in Golden color. Some leaves have already crumbled to the ground, covering everything around it with its Golden carpet. To search for mushrooms, my parents decided to split up on different sides, but at the same time is close to each other to not get lost. I'm a little look around, decided to go to the birch grove. And as it turned out was not in vain.After going deep into the grove I saw a large number of toadstools, and from far away thought it was aspen. Of course I was a little upset, but that's okay, because after a few meters ahead I found my first mushroom. It was a white. Hat he had brown high strong leg. My joy was through the roof, I even yelled, hoping that I would hear my parents. So very much wanted to share with them their joy. I continued to walk through the woods and collect mushrooms. The next person I came across, a family of boletus. So I laid already in the bottom of your basket.Then we met with my parents and decided to eat something. Looking at their baskets, I also found a lot of mushrooms - chanterelles, mushrooms, white.

Our silent hunt was a success. If you need to dump in the woods we decided to head back home and take over processing mushrooms. But mom still had them and roll up in banks. But that's nothing compared to the emotions that we got after forest walking.

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