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School composition

The weekend
On the street is much warmer, finally summer has begun. At school the last bell rang and they all went on vacation. With my parents I'll go to the sea only a month later, when they will begin the vacation. And so much wanted to go swimming, relax on the shore of a lake or river. So to say prepare for a sea trip. Here and agreed with parents for the weekend to go to the lake to swim. There you can rent a small cozy cottage and spend their time.

Eagerly waited for the weekend, he gathered all the necessary things and hit the road. From city lake is not far, by car about thirty minutes (by car). On arrival we carried their belongings in a house that had pre-booked. This complex is located in the forest, homes nestled between tall pine trees. And what flavor is around. Can only envy those people who live here. The air much cleaner to breathe. In the air reigned a distinct scent of pine needles warmed by the scorching sun. Around was very beautiful, lots of greenery and endless blue sky.With confidence I can say that the weather was a great success.

After admiring the beauty of nature, we changed into beachwear swimwear and went to the beach. To go slow gait for about 10 minutes. On the beach there were many people, all measured resting. Someone was lying on the Mat, obsuga after water, many were playing cards, while the rest were splashing in the water. The beach was very clean, we immediately see that he was being watched. Water was also transparent and I ran with a run in the water. It was a little cool, but after exhausting heat was what was needed. Then into the water went my parents. Dip we all decided to go swimming.My parents used to do swimming, for them this is a great opportunity to disconnect from the bustle of the city and pressing problems. I also love to swim in the city three days a week I go to the pool. I like it very much to spend their free time. Thanks to your lessons I've already learned several types of vessels that are demonstrated today at the beach. Nakupavshis, we decided to spend time on land to bask in the sun and lie down with a book in his hands. On the beach we stayed until dinner, had not yet reached the scorching sun. Just in time for lunch and we went back to his house.

In the evening we took a walk through the woods, remembering funny stories from our lives. And tomorrow we will return home, because parents need to work.

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