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School composition

The trip to the camp
After a long school year busy sophisticated test and, finally, come the summer time. Each of our class waiting for the summer holidays, because many of us will be on vacation. My best friend Sasha will go for the summer to his grandmother in the village, and I will go to a children's camp. The ticket I bought my mom from the plant running. Every year in mid-July I'm leaving for my second shift. In the camp I really like it, great counselors and a lot of new friends exactly what you provided. The moment when I go to camp waiting for the entire academic year, remembering warm moments from last trip.And after a week my dream will come true. Beforehand, I gathered all of my necessary things, just had to wait.

Finally came the day when I will go on holiday for two weeks. After collecting my bags I with my parents went to the Central square of the city, where waiting for a bus that will take us to the camp. After half an hour we were on the spot. Dad helped me to put things and I went to the bus in advance saying goodbye to their parents. I was beaming with joy, and my mom's eyes filled with tears. She always responds when for a long time, I let go of the house. In a few minutes all the guys took their seats and we departed.We were in a few hours.

Leaving the bus, I felt a strong scent of pine needles, warmed by the scorching sun. The counselor gathered us together near the bus, pointed at the wooden houses in which we live. The houses were located around large pine trees. Looking at the atmosphere that prevails in the camp, involuntarily imagine yourself a real forest dwellers. All the boys dispersed to take their places, and the girls started to take their houses in the opposite side. Putting my stuff we went to the cafeteria for lunch. Refreshed with his counselor we went to children's beach. The beach area was fenced.On the whistle counselor we went into the warm water. Joy ran through me, realizing what I was in for a great stay. Nakupavshis enough, received a suggestion from our counselor to play outdoor games on the sandy beach. All times picked up this idea. After a few hours we returned to their camp and dispersed the mugs of needlework. I chose wood carving, believing that it is a great time to stop. Then we went to dinner and after went to the disco. But tomorrow is a new day and a new entertainment led by our counselor.

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