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School composition

The toy of my childhood (Teddy dog)
Since childhood I love toys. I think that every child in their childhood were very many. Toys we give not only parents, but also grandparents, relatives, friends. But each man was certainly his most favorite pastime. For some it is a soft dog or other animal. It can be fun to play, and even go to sleep together too. Many children prefer to indulge in different designers or kites, for example.

My childhood I remember well. I had a lot of different toys. But most of all I loved the little toy dog, which he named Knop. It gave me the grandmother. Really don't remember how old I was. But this gift, though pretty shabby, I still keep him in the attic in the house. My grandmother I just love.

So life happened that parents were always working, and all the holidays and holiday weekend I spent in the village with my Granny. Unfortunately, she died recently, and now I never walk around the yard barefoot, not run in the morning dew barefoot, and of course, drink a glass of warm fresh milk. All I have left memories that still warm the soul.

My grandmother often went to different cities. It dog Button she brought me a gift from Moscow. The toy was very similar to a living dog. At first glance it looks like to me. Then I realized that was wrong, and rejoiced sincerely gift. Animals in my grandmother's yard was missing all sorts. My toy was white. And only on the tips of the paws and one ear seen a barely visible black specks. The Button eyes were made of beads and fun in the sun shimmered.

My toy dog very quickly found its place in the crib. Almost never have I let go of her hand. A gift dear to me very much. In the evenings when mother read me books, my COPOLCO firmly embraced, and dreamt of even in my dream my dog came to life and talked to me. When mommy came out of the bedroom, I quietly clutched to her favorite toy, too, and told her interesting stories. It seemed to me she hears me.

Her toy dog I played for many years. Only recently she's worn out, and I put it in the attic. Didn't have the courage to throw out - it is very expensive tchotchke for me. I cherish what I have. Recently, the Pope again gave me a soft dog, but she absolutely is not the same...

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