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School composition

The theme of the struggle between good and evil in the fairy tale "Twelve months"
Each tale is a wonderful creation of imagination. The wisdom of fairy tales is that since childhood, she teaches us to understand what is good and evil, truth and lies, kindness and happiness.

Experiencing the fantastic worlds we imagine we would do in place of the main character, how would you change this world and themselves. With each new tale, we get their experience and a lot of positive feelings.

In the fairy tale "Twelve months", written by S. Marshak can clearly see how the struggle between good and evil. As good stepdaughter remains fair and responsive, despite a lot of hard work on the farm. And the stepmother with her daughters just sit back and obstruct everyone to live. They seemed to like tormenting the poor girl. They out of greed and selfishness send her an impossible assignment – to look for snowdrops in the winter, if only to curry favor with the Queen and get rich. Very inhuman act!

But in the world there are many good people such as the brothers-months, ready to help in difficult minute, to save and even make it impossible for others. And she promises to keep their secret and not to tell about what happened to her on a beautiful meadow.

Evil and stupid people sometimes pass all bounds of humanity. And here is the Queen with the court goes to the forest to see for myself a miracle and take possession of them. But a poor orphan refuses to break the promise, and keeps the secret of the magic brothers.

The Queen was furious at this refusal and ordered the drowning girl, leaving a ring that gave her months in the hole. But in every fairy tale evil gets their just deserts, and the eldest of the brothers months as punishment turns arrogant woman and her daughter dogs. They can become human again only if you realize your mistake and repent. 

In this tale, good triumphs over injustice with the help of a wise and sympathetic brothers-months, their faith in the purity of the soul of the humble girl. 

In our real life good too can win, if people would not wish others evil. Everyone will be back deserved it.

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