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School composition

The relevance of the fables of Ivan Krylov
I think fable will not lose its relevance ever. It encompasses a lot of folk wisdom and life experience. They can be considered as a kind of ten commandments for people that they should not repeat the mistakes of the characters, had their business according to conscience and justice.

The author in allegorical form detects many of the defects of the person. For example, in the works of "the spider and the Bee" or "the Ant and the Grasshopper", criticized the laziness and carelessness of some members of society, praises the hard work and diligence. But really, some of us study hard, spend their efforts achieve something. Others strive to write, to spy, use someone else's responsiveness, from childhood to becoming a parasite.

Also Ivan Krylov notices that officials and the government does not always do right by the common people. They like guarding when they don't need to, and if necessary, admit of arbitrariness on its part, the belittling and oppression of the common people. This is clearly illustrated in the fable "Wolves and Sheep".

The author tells us about what is important to be able to negotiate with each other for the good of the common cause. Otherwise it will be difficult to break the deadlock. I often notice it in my life - people seeking a common goal, can not find a compromise and mutual understanding. Because of this, the who's "still there", as in the work "the Swan, Cancer and Pike".

The fable "the Crow and the Fox" teaches us not to trust a cunning treacherous people. To adequately assess themselves, and not to fall into the trap of scammers. You need to be able to distinguish between flattery and false speech from real praise.

In addition, it is very important to appreciate your talent, develop it, constantly improve themselves, for "Pond and River". Rulers who have power must listen to its people, to consider their opinion on the fable "Leaves and Roots". 

Many of the expressions used by the author is firmly entrenched in our lexicon, having become winged expressions, and even Proverbs. I often hear them in the voice of its friends, and in the case of the use itself. I didn't even know that some of them are taken from the fables, until I read the works of Ivan Andreevich.

Every creature Krylov - something special, smart, wise, witty, rife with deep meaning and real truth. If we all listened to the author, life has certainly become better.

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