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School composition

The ocean Gulf stream
Probably everyone in his life heard about the Gulf stream. In fact, this word, like the waves roll, and the noise of the ocean. The phenomenon of the huge flow is still not solved by scientists until the end and probably future generations are going to study it, discovering new secrets. In ancient times, even the monks, such as A. Kircher (who lived in the 17th century), believed that the flow of hot water come heated from the center of the Earth and then fall into the ocean. But recently, scientists have discovered that the Gulf stream is 25 times more powerful than atomic energy stations.This heat would be enough to warm the entire atmosphere over Europe from winter temperatures to summer weather. Many scientists would like to use this energy for the benefit of mankind.

Now we are developing a setup project hydro-turbine stations in the Strait of Florida. American founder of the science of Oceanography M. Mori wrote in his research work on the physical geography of the sea, - that the Gulf stream is like a river in the ocean of cold water, he is warm, and his bed cold. Takes its origins from the Gulf of Mexico, in the North Arctic ocean. The river water is dark blue, and it is noticeable that the ocean flow around him, differing in color and temperature. As if not wanting to mix. Sometimes, you can see how the ship is half submerged in one stream, and the other half in the other river.The book is about the Gulf stream brought Matthew Maury of great renown, and was reprinted 20 times!

The Gulf stream also is the attitude of the American scientist Benjamin Franklin. He was a very talented public figure, comparable to the geniuses of the Renaissance. Franklin was not only a diplomat and philosopher, but also scientist of world renown, engaged in the research until the old age. He made the first map of ocean currents of warm Gulf stream and gave him the name that is translated as "stream of the Bay", i.e. the Gulf of Mexico.His map remains accurate to this day, although in those days there were no satellites with detailed images.

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