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School composition

The native people
Every person comes into this world with some roots, that is family. Some make it big, friendly, and someone "naked", without a name and without family, but his roots still exist. About them people do not know or want to know. But anyway, family is sacred and it is, as parents we do not choose this. Personally my family was very lucky. She is not very big, only three people. Dad, mom and me. Despite this I always feel with their parents, it is a large stone wall. But the biggest and most important rear, that's my mom.

Her name is Katherine. My mom works Director in kindergarten. She is nice, kind, responsive, honest and fair. Sometimes I get the impression that the mother knows all our pretty big city. It does not get out somewhere, so once on the road literally all greet, they ask about the Affairs, I wish you good health. Well, except with a bad person so people would behave? I think not.

As for me, I am for your twelve years I have never heard any rudeness in my direction from mom. She always knows how to find approach. To present a request, suggestion or even discontent, that even thought there is about the offense. Is it worth me to take the initiative or to do a mom's slightest request, so mommy praises me. If a failure happens or something does not work, then mom will listen to, support and guide on the right path.

And besides everything already mentioned, my mother an excellent cook. For big family holidays, this table will be able to cover, so delicious to prepare that any cook would envy. Sometimes I will bake with my dad their signature pies, we are grandparents get there, all the cookies already eat. In the house we always clean, tidy and cozy. Sometimes I don't even understand how the mother can have time to combine.

Thanks to our mommy, daddy and always wants to come home, knowing that only there we always welcome and we are always welcome there. I can confidently declare to the world that I am very lucky in life. I have the best mom in the world.

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