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School composition

The morning in summer
Everyone looks forward to warm summer. This time of year special is fine: bright, nature, warm air, the delightful singing of birds. In the summer everyone is filled with invisible strength, gaining health. Each person chooses the moments that you cherish and remember them throughout life.

Many people like the morning summer sunrises. Need to Wake up very early and out in the yard, just start there are incredible miracles. The sky looks like a white sheet and you could look at it for a long time. The sky is still not blue, but pale and in a haze. After a while it begins to seem like a piece of the sun. It was so huge and bright red, look and think you're on the edge of the earth. Every minute the circle increases, but once the sun gets high enough, it won't seem so huge. And the sky gradually becomes blue.

Another nice minutes the morning is to hear the singing of the earliest birds. The morning concert starts with a thin warbling, then it picks up and other poultry begins the most pleasant musical performance. Listen to this! AK finely and correctly the birds sing. Birds always meet with your day great songs.

And what clean air in the early morning. It smells fresh and transparent. A day later, dust will make it thick and stifling. If you go out very early, first to get a little chilly, and then there will be a surge of strength and vigor.

Still did not Wake up the machine, sleep and people. And such peace and quiet is very appealing to many, only the lonely morning the athletes were already out on their daily run. These people also, like me, the true connoisseurs of a summer morning.

And how nice on the grass drops of dew. When the sun gets on them, then every drop sparkles with many shades. And understand what the power of nature and beauty collected in every Dewdrop and the blade of grass. I like the morning when no wind at all. All plants, as if frozen in an invisible game. Well, a bit rustled the leaves, a small typed wind power, and already the rustle of the trees and feel cool.

With each moment the world wakes up: start to buzz cars on the street there are pedestrians. Everything moves, makes noise, in a hurry. The sun was hot already, it becomes stuffy. The new day began. And the soul so easily and quietly, have the confidence in their own abilities, good mood, because the experience of nature gives an incredible boost of energy.

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