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School composition

The love of the sport
I have a sports family. Since childhood, I absorbed the love of the sport and training. I remember when I was a kid, my parents always took me on their run to the stadium. Put me on the Mat, put a lot of toys, and do warm up and run at the same time looking after me.

When I got older, dad taught me to jump rope, do push-UPS, and then sent me to the football section. Yes, at first it was the choice of the father, but gradually I came to love this sport. It was very hard to start a sports training, which required a full commitment.

First workout was three times a week, and now, when the games began they have become more often. Every time before the main exercise is preceded by a warm-up. This set of exercises aimed at warming the muscles. They protect the main muscle from sprains.

Then go exercise, and afterwards, a team game. At first we did not understand how to play, and then coach us gradually told. Each player is responsible for their piece of the field, which he protects and plays. I play striker. My objective is to score goal and the opponent. I do not always succeed, but I try very hard.

The coach we have is just wonderful. He has released a lot of football players and even once played this popular game. Though he is not young already, but runs very fast. During the game can always give useful advice, and maybe yell at. He is always sincerely happy for our victory and soothes the lesions.

My parents really support me in my sporting activity, they always come to cheer for my team for the matches, participate in sports events and meetings, I always ask the coach how I was doing. I can always consult my father about tactics or ask to teach me how to do the feints with the ball. And my mom even learned the names of all known players and their BIOS, so we can talk about their victories or interesting news.

I also love sports and TV. When you start football tournaments, we watch them with the whole family, rooting for favorite players and their team. While my dad and is very loud I am glad for them. And even once all were together in a huge football stadium. This game cannot be compared with a football game on TV.

I really hope that I will achieve success in my sport hobby. Though it is not easy, but I am trying. It is so good for the soul and body to love sports.

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