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School composition

The happiest day
My most favorite day is the birthday last year. This day, I was filled for life, on this birthday, I probably could not dream. Usually we celebrate it at home, come my friends Kate and Sasha, come the grandparents. The day before my birthday my mom is very ready, all day and cooks, and cleans, all peristylium, but of course I help her.

My birthday fell on a Saturday, the Friday mother baked a big cake, made a few salads and all, I still was very surprised, she's usually daddy makes the crust shake, me to get all this stuff. Going to bed I was a little sad, I thought, that means no one will come. Waking up in the morning mom and dad told me to get dressed and we go to the store. I could not think that they have prepared me a surprise.

We arrived at the woods to the river, and there were all my friends, grandparents, my godfather and all my family. We grilled the skewers, bathed, played football. But as well lie down on the shore and watch the fish splashing in water, picking snails. Then my friends went to the forest and I collected a bag of cones, and now the house will make a beautiful applique which will remind me this day. I was given a lot of gifts, grandma and grandpa a book about nature, I love to read about it and learn something new. Mom and dad gave me a laptop, and gave me friends.We spent the whole day there, now I understand why my mother forced us to clean up.

What a treat when your birthday is in the summer. I was very full and I hope that this year they will do something.

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