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School composition

The dog - man's best friend
My dog's name is Thunder. Thunder my friend. My dog is big as a Sheepdog, but he's a mix of shepherd and a mongrel. Thunder obedient and kind, he lives in the booth, around the house. I let go of the chain and walk with him every day. Many say that dog is man's best friend. And I'll tell you how I discovered this myself.

One day I with my dog went to the forest to collect strawberries. I walked along the edge of the forest, so as not to get lost, but strawberries were not enough, then I entered the forest deeper and there was a lot of strawberries. I was picking strawberries and was happy that pick up a lot of strawberries and all the surprise and treat of the house. Thunder ran around, jumped, played, barked and wagged his tail with joy. So I was picking strawberries and went deeper and deeper into the woods, and the strawberry was more and more. I scored one bucket, but had a lot of strawberries and I decided to call another one. So I collected her and went deeper and deeper, and he didn't notice.When I got the second bucket and the strawberries were nowhere to collect myself I already ate. I was going to go home, tied buckets with gauze so it does not crumbled. I went to the exit from the forest, and the Thunder followed me. We walked and walked, but no exit. I turned around and went the other way, the Thunder behind me. Again we walked and walked, and out of the woods not to be seen, so I realized that we're lost. Thunder first did not understand that I was lost, he just followed me and wagged his tail. And the street was beginning to get dark.

I sat down on a stump and thought. Thunder barked and ran away. At home I think I'm already starting to worry that I'm gone too long? And the Thunder ran away, I thought he left me because he no. I sat on a stump and didn't know where to go. Then I heard the barking of the Thunder and rejoiced, turned runs Thunder, and behind him is my dad. Dad asked me was I scared or not? I said no, even though I was scared. Thunder barked and ran and dad went after him. We came home, when mom wasn't home. The house dad told me how the Thunder ran home and began to pull the pant leg.Dad was afraid that with me something happened. I went with the Thunder, and the Thunder ran home alone. Dad went for the Thunder and found me. Dad said you see how you have a friend ! Went for help and led me to you. A friend will never abandon you and the way home you will find ! We had fun with dad laughed and the Thunder barked, as if laughing with us.

Dad said go to tell your mom that you lost will not, not to worry, and suddenly if he knows more than you one will not let go in the woods. I told dad proudly I have a friend Thunder, I will always help. Then we heard that my mom came. Mom came into the room, smiled and asked, well the Forester, like strawberries ? I told my mother, and look in the fridge. She went into the kitchen and saw a full two bucket, she was surprised and complimented me. I was very proud. I told my mom that I went with a friend. So once my dog helped my dad to find me in the woods.So, no wonder they say a dog is man's best friend!

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