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School composition

The descent on a sledge from a hill
With the arrival of winter, each of us wanted to wait for the holidays and to go out to toboggan or just lie in the snow. But the weather unfortunately did not allow to make it. Every day I Wake up to school, I looked out the window, hoping to see everything covered in snow. Here come the day when my joy surpasses all bounds. Waking up in the morning I saw that everything is covered under a layer of snow. The whole night was fluffy snow, making everything around it.Having collected a backpack to school I went to class, and all my thoughts were that when all the lessons my friends and I go riding on the hill. Waiting for the moment, I ran home to eat and change. School tomorrow not to go, the weekend starts here and this news could not fail to please me. For the next two days my plans were made. Because each of us waited so long for snowy weather, longer to spend time outdoors, playing in the snow with the boys and roll down the hill.

An hour later I went outside, after taking the sled. Near the entrance stood my best friend Sasha and a few boys from our yard. Looking around we all decided to go to the beam. It was there in the winter the steep hill. From the house it is not far, ten minutes is not a quick walk. Mom is of course upset that we're running in the winter. Afraid that is too steep slope may lead to trouble. Of course, I tried to calm down, assuring that we will return safe and sound.

When we came to the hill, we saw a lot of familiar guys from the neighboring houses that was having his time. So we decided to plunge into the fabulous atmosphere. Around was very beautiful, the trees melted in a white robe, but our attention was riveted on the thumb descent. After a few minutes, we climbed to the top. Defending a small part I prepared for the first descent. The hill was very steep and I was already excited to plunge into the atmosphere of speed. Before he could finish his thoughts until the end I felt a strong jolt in your sled, and then abruptly rolled down.The speed was strong and I began to fear that I not skidded to the side. My emotions were running high, a little prikriknuv joy. A minute later I was already downstairs and waited for his friends to climb the mountain. Very soon we got ready for the descent. Ride on a sled we played in the snow, pre-divided into teams. We returned home towards evening, sopping wet from snow, but so happy.

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