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School composition

The closest person
In the life of every man is dearest to him is his mother. There is no one sweeter and dearer in the world who can just love you no matter what - to LOVE. How many sleepless nights she had spent over our bed. So much she gave, until we were older. Mom – best friend, the reliable protection and support in difficult times. Mom involves a lot. It is a joy, and affection, understanding, compassion. My mom can understand, to explain. She will caress, when you feel a little upset if you did something wrong, but also tell. And now she's worried about us.After all, the mother is ready to sacrifice everything, to give everything, if only we were good. She forgives us our mistakes and teaches us everything that she knows and can do. And when mom smiles all around revives, brightens and her smile warms my soul and to become warm to everyone, because if mom is happy then we all will be well!

The hard work falls on mom's shoulders: work, chores around the house, and the education of children. Any mother would want that we grew up good people. So you should try more often to help her with the housework. And never be lazy to call my mom if you could see what is for her happiness every word, every new success and just to hear hometown favorite voice. How's Mama to be proud of and sets us all an example of what a child brought up - because every mom is the best child in the world. Sometimes we forget and do not speak the mother gentle words and words of thanks, but she is not offended.But for mom is also important to hear that we love her and appreciate her concern.

While we were children, my mother's heart, as a shield, protects us from troubles, sorrows and troubles. We grow up, but my mother's heart becomes more vulnerable and fragile, defenseless and vulnerable. It does need our protection. My mother is the most precious thing I have.

Let us respect their parents, delight them with its successes and achievements, know that we will become parents. Remember that loving mother's heart is very easy to hurt so let's take care of mother, care about her because she cares about us because native human mom no! Let's take care of our moms! And let mom's smile always stays on her face and in my heart!

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