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School composition

The case of the forest
Nature is what surrounds us life, so we live in this world. I love forests, fields, meadows. Any time of the year for me is the best thing that can show the nature of man. After the summer, autumn, winter and spring the world is transformed and every time.

Our teacher, Tamara, loves the outdoors. Therefore, each output is trying to lead us to rest in the woods or the river. It so happened that her son, Alyosha, died in a car accident and she was left completely alone. That is why the teacher all his free time dedicates to us, his disciples. We regret, and always listen.

The rest of the whole class we go to any time of the year, but for the most part it takes place in the spring or during the summer holidays. Each of our trip is a significant event, which certainly is different curiosities and different situations from the previous journey. Always our trips very interesting, and they bring together the entire class. 

So this time when we went on vacation for the next forest clearing happened to me an interesting case. It happened in the month of may, before the summer break. We are all very well finished school, and again Tamara, we decided to make a surprise.

As always we were walking through the forest, slowly, and sang our favorite songs. I was the last, so I like it. There were no signs of appeared in the company of another being. In a moment I heard behind the crunching of branches. Thought I thought. When we came into the clearing, I have asked Tamara to go nearby into the woods and find firewood. I moved close, again and again, the branch cracked beside me. Suddenly, I heard the breathing of the beast behind her - it was a wolf. I ran without looking back into the clearing, where our class is.As soon as I got to the destination, then began to yell with all his strength, being chased by the wolf. However, guys are not afraid, but calmly talked to the teacher. I screamed even louder and ran over to Tamara. She smiled and said I met the Ball - it was not a wolf, but only a forest dog. I don't know, because of illness did not go last time in the campaign. No wonder they say that fear has big eyes - I was very scared, and didn't even notice that I dog.

After all the clearing we were playing ball, and the Ball helped us. This trip I will remember for a long time, but I have a new friend. We're not breaking up, because the Ball lives at our house.

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