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School composition

The break
Essay for class 5 on the theme of "Recess"

In the corridors of the school there is an incredible silence, you can hear how flies fly. Another few moments and the seeming peace will break a call to change. Teachers have seen the students ' knowledge of themselves and in need of a breather. One, two and three! Loud alarm alerts you to a small, long-awaited break.

Comes the desired moment of freedom! Loud the door into class and the first streams of students appear in the corridors. Girls blows a wave of aspiring to space of boys. Here also on the aisle, coast from our class tripped me and he belly slid with all his might at the glossy floor, knocking in his flight for several black scholars. Stops its just the opposite wall, which he promptly rests his hands. Rogues laugh at him and trying to push on, through the artificial congestion in the main exit. Ahead of them awaits filled with sun light fresh courtyard with cool air. Visible only cut the heads and raised hands, trying to carry at the height of the backpack. And here someone's feet on top thought!

The teachers of the classrooms out in the last turn. Irina Feodorovna, our homeroom teacher immediately rushes to restore order. She began to help the physical education teacher Ivan. But where there! On motion the man himself was squeezed from all sides arriving with a mass of children's bodies. His strong hands could not cope with the tenacity of the crowd, seeking the bosom of space. Crushed from all sides, he no longer resists, but gives in to the General enthusiasm and begins to smile. A shocked Irina Feodorovna stops in a corner and wisely conceded another batch of kids.

Gradually, everything calms down and returns to normal. Modest little corners and places near the Windows is a well-bred girl. They immediately begin to whisper to each other in the ear of some known only to them secrets, share experiences and exchange views. To keep up with everything. Therefore, the students going in such a hurry about their business: someone strong biting into an Apple, others eat chocolate, and some brush at the mirror. All shudder at the call of the new and classes are beginning to fill again, this time quietly and steadily. The door closes and comes the next forty-five a minute.Over the school again falls quiet and only occasionally heard the voices of students, called to answer to the Board.

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