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School composition

That's happiness to me?
Everyone understands happiness. For some it's money, for others love and understanding. For some calm and measured life, and others love endless adventures and adrenaline. To describe this wonderful word can not be, because this is a personal feeling of a man from what he saw, received or made with their own hands.

For me, happiness is the health of the parents, sincere friendship, smiles, Pets, getting something new from life. I get information from books, music, plays, shows, films and it brings me joy. The happiness he derived from gifts, and is, and from what I saw of the beautiful West or East of the sun. In the future I dream to travel, then I can't even imagine how much beautiful waiting for me. Maybe I'll find a better place on Earth where you will live the rest of their days.

From birth, as a child, man brings happiness to their parents, for them it is the best moments to feel this unknown endless love for your baby. Most people only remembers the bad and forgets the good as soon as it happened. They do not see anything around, hammer head only bad thoughts. For me, this life is like a nightmare, because you constantly with troubles, frustrations and disease. Also many of us see happiness in money, but it is not, because no matter how many elements they will not make you happy.The pursuit of these "securities" will only lead to deterioration of health, loss of sense of reality, and possibly loving people around.

I believe that happiness is the concept of instant. Everyone sets themselves goals and objectives for the future, when he achieves them, then comes this moment. It is impossible to accumulate and use, but it is possible to achieve every day. Everyone has white and black stripes in life, and happiness can be felt as for the first and termination second. All happiness is life, every day to get up healthy in the morning, to chat with nice people, learn new things, to love and to be loved.

So, in order to feel happy I need a love and understanding of family, the opportunity to be creative, to do good and to draw more and more information out of this world. It cannot touch but can see and feel. Each of us is a Creator of his own happiness, so you need to surround yourself with pleasant and think about good things.

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