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School composition

In a year there are four seasons. And they are all beautiful and fascinating. Awakening the living world spring, a fragrant summer, a graceful autumn and a severe winter. Nature fascinates with its beauty and charms of all colors.

Many favorite time of year is summer, as this is the time of holidays and vacations. In the summer the meadows are covered with fragrant floral tablecloth, and gardens of delight with a riot of colors – everything turns green in the summer Kingdom. At this time of the year every day like a holiday: this is an evening walk in the Park, weekend at the lake or the river, stay in the country. But, like all good things, the summer flies by in a flash.

Now on the approach of autumn with its beauty. The harvest of vegetables and fruits, colorful foliage, cool sun - all this only happens in the fall. In autumn the nature is incredibly beautiful, after all, the Golden leaves falling from the trees, create a wonderful atmosphere. With interest you can watch the birds that fly to spend the winter in warmer climes, and animals preparing for hibernation. First, autumn says goodbye to the warm weather, shedding tears of rain, then the cold comes, and with them the autumn is replaced by winter.

Winter is amazing time of the year. It is a time of festivals and entertainment. What could be better than to play in the snow and make snow angels later, or ride on a sled with slides. A family Christmas tree ornament is a real joy for the whole family. Winter is the coldest time of the year but despite this, nature is beautiful in its own way: the white fluffy cloth stretches for miles, the snow crunches under the feet and lying on the branches of trees like a white pillow. But soon sugarcat streams and will break the snowdrops, like the news of the imminent spring.

Warmer again begins to warm the sun, the days get longer. Gradually the snow melts, happy hearing the sound of drops, flowing streams, there are snowdrops – the most moving signs of spring. They tell us about the coming of spring and the rebirth of nature and the beginning of a new life. And again, nature makes its usual round, delighting us with its every at times, because they're all beautiful in its own way. Spring is really a miracle, we see the first shoots break from the sun's heat and the earth comes alive. And the start of something new and wonderful...

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