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School composition

There are many good moments where you feel like in a wonderful fairy tale. Wonderful, unforgettable moments fill the whole being with vitality and strength. After such moments I want to enjoy life, to make grandiose actions.

So for me the sea. If I don't have the stamina and energy I at any time of the year going to him to "recharge." Looking at the water feel like a grain of sand in this huge world, but at the same time to get great strength. Maybe the power lies in the sound of the surf? Or in the beauty of the blue water? No answer. Has just an amazing sense of connection with nature.

I like the varied mood of the sea. Today calm. Water smooth and clear, the wind silknet a single grain of sand. Walk into the water and realize that you open the bottom of the sea with its beautiful inhabitants. Small fish, algae, jellyfish is all that can be found in calm weather. Swim in silence quietly and evenly, there is no need to rush, you just enjoy the beautiful moments of peace. The water is smooth, warm, attracts by its friendliness.

But the next moment a mood of the sea can vary dramatically. Every minute the waves get bigger and turn into the incredible seething maelstrom. They noise come ashore, sweeping away everything in its path. Each wave height more than a meter with great force crashes on the rocks, as if demonstrating his power and strength. When it rages – it's a terrible power that will not spare anyone, be it a ship or a person. But still boiling water beckons with its mystery. And each time, enjoying the stormy sea, you know that the power of natural disaster is huge.

After time spent at sea gaining strength for further work, filled with positive energy, strength, clear your head from heavy thoughts. There is nothing better than to spend the whole day near the sea, especially when the weather is so changeable. The solitude is addictive old wounds. Just need to relax and feel the flow of positive thoughts that create a good attitude for the future.

I like to bring home from every sea shore shells. They remind me of the days spent on its banks. Each shell is so unique, associated with so many pleasant memories.

Every year trip to the sea turns not only a great vacation, but also in self-examination and even self-improvement. After all, the sea so a lot of time to spend it usefully.

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