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School composition

Science biology and life
An essay on the topic "the science of biology and the life" 5 - 6 C.

Why we need science biology? How does it affect our lives? Why is biology necessarily learn in school?

Biology – the science of the structure of the whole natural life and this ancient. If you know biology you opened the mysteries of the interaction of living organisms and themselves as a species. Man is the inseparable part of nature, and how he hadn't gone into science and technology, we must not forget its primary basis. Because in the end everyone will be back to where they came from.

The science of botany, as a branch of biology that deals with the study of plants. Without the oxygen that the plants there is no life on earth. Here we learn to distinguish plants according to types and classes, their medicinal or poisonous properties, methods of application. Botany also probes the ways of growing plants in their agricultural possibilities. Everyone knows how hard it is sometimes to grow even flowers in the room without basic knowledge of botany.

Still need to study Zoology is the science of the animal world that also surrounds us initially. Humanity should appreciate and protect wildlife, even if you do not consume them as food and doesn't keep in zoos. You can not break the natural balance, harassing our little brothers.

But more important than all the science of anatomy. It directly concerns each man and reveals to him the knowledge of the structure of all cells and organs, their deep inner interaction. Every day we have to take care of your body, be mindful of the health of their loved ones and understand what is happening to us.

Biology means life. So the root of the word and its great importance. That's why this is one of my favorite subjects in school. Sometimes I heard that they forget to breathe once again so as not to miss something interesting. It seems to me that with the help of this science I can understand their place in life and to help others to save all the living. I more want to be a doctor to practice on how to apply the wonderful knowledge that we get in biology class. And I believe that if a person wants something there is nothing not possible.

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