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School composition

School trip to the Botanical garden
With the arrival of spring warmth our class was invited to go on an excursion to the Botanical garden. It is located in the capital of our country Moscow. This is one of the largest Botanical gardens in Europe, with a rich collection of plants. Can't wait to stroll through this Park and admire the beautiful plants.

Time before the trip passed very quickly. Each of us is like a customized time, the long-awaited day. And here he came. Especially for us has canceled all lessons. And this fact of course us very happy. Out on the school yard, we got in a tour bus. We went with the class teacher as chaperone. Many of us were in great moods, each of us was looking forward to a great walk. After a few hours we were on the spot. Near the entrance we were greeted by a young female tour guide.It will accompany us throughout the Botanical garden and to tell interesting facts about it.

The Park is in truth huge. If you do not focus on location and that can be easily lost. The staff of the Botanical garden are trying their best to keep as many varieties of plants. Every day with this lesson much time.

At first glance, resembles a Botanical Park a great place for entertainment. Despite the warning signs placed throughout the Park, people relax on the grass or just ride bicycles or roller skates.

Wandering around us, another tour group of students and there are lonely people who come to get some fresh air, so not typical for Moscow. You can easily wander into the dense forest to feed the squirrels or just sit by the small pond.

Slowly moving through the Park we reached the main treasures of the Botanical garden. To look at the various trees and shrubs is not as interesting as to admire the flowers, which publishes just a wonderful flavor. Opened before us a great view. Various kinds of colors delighted our eyes. Tulips, roses, Alstroemeria, asters, begonias and many others have enchanted us. Many of us were photographed with a rare instances, trying to make shots. Having developed enough, we went home.Very quickly you want to come to their home and share their impressions, which we received from walking through the Botanical garden.

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